Key Initiatives

Thoughtful, responsible leadership on important issues

Building a strong economy

Ben believes that quality of life for all Nevadans begins with meaningful, well-paid employment, and good jobs are created by thriving businesses. Ben continues to support measures that help small businesses flourish. He supports appropriate reform of licensing and regulatory requirements, continuation of a low and stable tax structure, modification of state laws to encourage new entrepreneurial startups and the creation of safe harbors for technological innovation in Nevada. He also works to open opportunities for Nevada businesses to win contracts with the state government.


Ben is focused on innovation and reform as cornerstones of a strong public education system in Nevada. He has led efforts to move education funding into a system that will help close our persistent achievement gaps. Ben continues to support new funding for children living in poverty, those who can’t adequately read or speak English, children who are gifted and talented, those who need special education, and those who want to learn career and technical skills. He demands that these programs deliver specific, measurable results. Ben also supports alternate routes to licensure that provide quicker pathways for mid-career professionals to change jobs and become teachers. He is a strong supporter of universal school choice, including charter schools, opportunity scholarships, open zoning and programs that help parents find the right educational environment for their children.

Efficient government finance

As a long-serving member of the Senate Finance Committee, Ben has focused much of his legislative energy on state budget and tax policy. He strongly supports greater efficiency and financial responsibility from the Nevada state government. Disciplined fiscal leadership ensures that Nevada can keep its taxes low, providing an environment in which businesses can flourish and create good-paying new jobs.
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