Signature Achievements

Signature Achievements of an Experienced Lawmaker

Opening the doors to college

Thousands of students across Nevada have benefited from the Silver State Opportunity Grant, one of Ben’s education initiatives. The state’s first need-based scholarship for community college students, this scholarship helps students attend college full-time and graduate on schedule. The grant opens the ladder of economic opportunity for first-generation and low-income Nevadans.

Creating a tech-friendly state

Hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in blockchain technologies flowed into Nevada after legislation sponsored by Ben updated state laws and required government adoption of innovative business practices. Thousands of new well-paid technology jobs have been the direct result of Ben’s focus on the issue.

Supporting organ donation

Ben has led bipartisan efforts to increase the availability of organ donations, bringing this life-saving gift to more Nevadans in need. He has worked with Democratic colleagues in the State Senate as the primary or joint co-sponsor of four bills supporting organ donation, and Ben’s bills have earned the signature of Governors from both parties.

Bringing more teachers into classrooms

Ben sponsored successful legislation that opens alternative routes for new teachers to become licensed in Nevada, increasing the number of teachers available for schools in the state. Ben’s legislation provides an avenue for experienced people to change careers, earn licensing as a teacher and bring their insights from the working world into the classroom. A dozen ARL programs have been approved in Nevada based on Ben’s legislation.

Promoting good management and fiscal leadership

Shortly after he was elected to the State Senate, Ben sponsored legislation that requires an ongoing, regular review of state boards and commissions to ensure fiscal integrity, efficiency, and good governance. This committee regularly looks for boards that have outlived their usefulness and makes recommendations to shrink the size of government. Serving on the Senate Finance Committee his entire legislative career, Ben has become a respected expert on the state budget. Working with his colleagues across the aisle and in the Assembly, Ben works year-round to ensure the state’s finances remain strong, the budget remains balanced, and the people have access to information they need to understand the budget.

Meeting community needs

Legislation that meets important community needs may not always generate splashy headlines, but Ben listens closely to his constituents and crafts laws that meet their needs. He sponsored legislation to ensure that Nevadans don’t get taxed out of their homes when they rebuild after a disaster such as the Little Valley Fire in Washoe Valley. He improved fire protection with a bill requiring automatic aid agreements between fire departments in Washoe County. And, to cite just one more example, he sponsored a bill to prohibit the feeding of wild animals after Incline Village faced serious problems when visitors lured bears into populated communities.